Painting Kuwait Violet by Pamela Q. Fernandes – Review by Erica Fish

Painting Kuwait VioletPainting Kuwait Violet by Pamela Q. Fernandes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Painting Kuwait Violet is beautifully written by Pamela Q. Fernandes. In this story there is a little bit of history, some life lessons, and new culture to some. I did not know what I was expecting when I picked this book, but I got more than what I was expecting. From her bio it says that she a doctor, author, and medical writer. Her spirituality plays a major role in her life. From reading Painting Kuwait, I could see Pamela Fernandes faith. This is a moving story about a woman, Violet and the Kuwait matriarch Sabah who is her employer. See Violet Is working as a maid and some evil doings happen in the house of Sabah. There becomes a bond between Violet and Sabah that many cannot stand because of the simple fact that they are women. This story is a moving story that engulfed me from the beginning. This story also let me think about the placement of a woman and what they should do compared to what they want to do. I recommend all women take the time and read this story. You will look at your world differently as that is what happened to me.

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