The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1) by Abigail Owen – Review by Emma Haverstock

The Boss (Fire's Edge, #1)The Boss by Abigail Owen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So. This book is nuts. It’s like riding in a roller coaster car but instead of it being on a track like any normal, sane person would ride on, the car starts at the top of a mountain. The prologue starts as your car tips over the side to see that the trail down is full of switchbacks and you realize pretty quickly into the first chapter that you’re going to be careening down each of those sharper than a pin turns at breakneck speed. Unless you put this book down (highly unlikely) and walk away for a moment to collect your thoughts, the story of Finn and Delaney gives you almost no room to recover from the whiplash of emotions and startling revelations.
Finn is a dragon enforcer, hot as fresh baked bread (and just as delicious), and he’s sealed his heart against the thought of finding a mate. New potential mates are found less and less every year, and the tragedy of what happened to the woman he thought was his mate is literally his own personal torture. I can’t blame him.
Delaney has weird fires starting up around her when she passes out and they’ve followed her. She also has lost loved ones in a tragic accident and has the added bonus of a stalker. Lovely. She has more strength than Finn has ever seen and she will not take the chance that one of these fires will hurt someone.
Finn is drawn to her but he’s concluded she’s just a normal human, right? RIGHT?!?
Also this is book one of a series. Score.

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