The Boss Man: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Novel Book 4 The Manly Series by Teddy Hester – Review by Gail Guerrero

The Boss Man: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel (The Manly Series Book 4)The Boss Man: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel by Teddy Hester
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jilly is the type of female I love to hate beautiful, smart and spoiled. I kind of felt like her purpose in the story wasn’t needed. Like the author couldn’t figure out a way to put her into the story that would make sense for her to be around all the time. With that being said I liked the story because you get to see this controlling guy take a step back and relax. You see this guy who is used to getting things his way stop and think of a different approach. This is a first for me reading about this type of work. The bones that go into building something from the ground up. I liked that Jack’s team was the clean up crew they came in and got stuff done. There were some funny moments and the guys all preening like peacocks for Jilly’s attention was fun. The combination that Jilly and Jack made was interesting because he grew up the baby of the family trying to make his presence known. While she was sheltered and spoiled. You can tell that she was out of her comfort zone when she needed to use the restroom. Overall I recommend this story for a quick light read.

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