The Boss Man (The Manly Series Book #4) by Teddy Hester – Review by Angela Hayes

The Boss Man: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel (The Manly Series Book 4)The Boss Man: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel by Teddy Hester
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“This woman will argue with the grim reaper when the time comes, I have no doubt.”

The Boss Man is the fourth book in the Manly series by Teddy Hester. I have to be honest here and say that although this book was a little slow to get going, I really did love what came once the pace picked up. So, I felt that it still deserved a 5 star rating, despite the fact that it didn’t immediately grab me. The author has woven a wonderful storyline with interesting and loveable characters, intrigue, some drama, mystery, suspense, spice, humour, and romance.
Jack DePaul is the construction world’s latest boy wonder. At 27, he’s building a highly successful business with his innovative ideas. This latest project brings him to Texas, where his skills will be put to the test in every way possible. There is a lot riding on the outcome of this job- and it has the power to make or break him. He has a critical deadline to meet, so the last thing he needs are any distractions. But, distraction is what he gets, in the form of a beautiful, headstrong Texan who’s about to give him a run for his money. Will she end up costing him the project, as well as his heart?
Jillian Vickers has a business degree, manages her family’s organic citrus farm, as well as running a popular blog. Her latest article is an in-depth look at the new green energy project that is in the pipeline. She’s determined to get as much information as she can to put into the blogpost. But interviewing the new trouble-shooter goes a bit awry and she ends up agreeing to work for him in exchange for the opportunity to interview his team members. She’s attracted to him from the beginning, but he’s only there for the short term, so anything that starts will have a use-by-date. Can she put her heart on the line for a short fling? What happens when things go missing from the site and sabotage seems to be the order of the day? With so much at risk, what will the future hold?
This was such a fun read. The banter, quips and antics had me smiling and laughing out loud. He story is told from a duel perspective, so we really get a great feel for both the lead characters.
The chemistry between these two was fantastic, there are some sexy, sizzling moments that singed my kindle.
I would definitely recommend this book to all lovers of romance!

Thank you, Teddy Hester

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