The Changeup (A Resort Romance Novel) By Mary Billiter – Review by Laura Furuta

The Changeup (A Resort Romance Novel Book 6)The Changeup by Mary Billiter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Changeup (A Resort Romance Novel Book 6)
By: Mary Billiter
5 out of 5 stars

The story The Changeup (A Resort Romance Novel Book 6) by Mary Billiter is an action/mystery/romance book. It is a story that hooked me in from the very first chapter and I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished the last page. It has questions that are raised and need to be investigated/answered. I found myself trying to put together the clues like a puzzle. I loved reading about the characters of Rebel Roberts and Ryan McHenry. Rebel is a woman who is part of the Witness Protection Program. She has to be kept safe so that she can testify. She finds herself with a job at the Point Resort in Long Beach, CA. She also finds herself very attracted to Ryan. Ryan is a man that wants to become a deputy sheriff. There were officers in his family and that is what his goal is. He soon finds himself in the middle of an investigation that starts when he and Rebel find a dead body. They begin a search for the truth behind the death. Both Rebel and Ryan have an attraction to each other. While Rebel knows it is not a good idea for her to become involved with Ryan her heart is telling her otherwise. There is energy when they kiss and a passion for each other. Will these two find out the reason behind the body that they find? Will they give into their emotions and feelings for each other? Will they get a chance at happiness? What would happen if Ryan finds out the secret that Rebel protects? Read this book to find out. I enjoyed reading about how Ryan and Rebel banter back and forth with each other. I also enjoyed reading about the other characters that they interact with and the part that each one plays in the story. This is a wonderfully written book that I would highly recommend reading. This is a series that I have loved since I read the first book and I also suggest reading the first five stories.

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