Degrees of Acceptance (Prestian Series Book #2) by Via Mari – Review by Angela Hayes

Degrees of Acceptance (Prestian Series, #2)Degrees of Acceptance by Via Mari
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Degrees of Acceptance is the second book in the Prestian series by Via Mari. It is an erotic romantic suspense- full of emotion, mystery, action, danger, secrets, hidden agendas, humour, and more. I really liked the first book and was really looking forward to the rest of the series. I did have some high expectations for this book and am happy to say that it was just as good as the first, if not a little better. This book should be read as part of the series as this story is a continuation from book one, so I strongly advise you to read the first book before starting off on this one.
As we discovered in book #1, Katarina Meilers (Kate) is a design consultant who was hired to help design a new state of the art medical facility for the Prestian Corporation. As part of the planning process the whole team had been flown to Aruba for a week-long brainstorming and design conference. Kate arrived a few days early in order to get things set up for the week ahead. Then a stressful situation introduces her to a very sexy and charming man, she later discovers is the billionaire owner of Prestian Corporation- the very company who had hired her for the project. Things soon get complicated when things heat up between them and then take on a sinister turn when Kate is targeted by a stalker with an agenda. All the while Chase does everything he can to keep her safe.
So, after everything they’d been through, this book picks up the story after the hair-raising events of the previous book. Chase and Kate explore their new relationship and all that it entails, and things get interesting, not just in the bedroom. Kate meets the father she never knew and discovers that he brings another layer of complications. As their three worlds collide, danger follows and once again Chase does everything he can to keep her and her loved ones safe.
This was a really great story that easily pulled me in and kept me engrossed the whole way through. I love the electrifying chemistry between Kate and Chase, their connection was intense. As with the last book, Ms. Mari built the tension beautifully. She turned up the dial on the suspense to “high”- keeping me on the edge of my seat, guessing what would happen next.
Some of the minor issues that I had with the first book have been rectified in this instalment. Although, at times the language still seems a bit ‘formal’ and a little ‘old fashioned’. But again, the story was engrossing enough that this didn’t detract too much from the overall storyline, or from my enjoyment of the book.
There were a few unexpected developments and twists which kept thing quite interesting and had me clamouring to know how it all works out. Bring on the next book!

Thank you, Ms. Mari!


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