The Confectioner’s Guild ( The Confectioner Chronicles Book #1) by Claire Luana – Review by Angela Hayes

The Confectioner's Guild (The Confectioner Chronicles Book 1)The Confectioner’s Guild by Claire Luana
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The Confectioner’s Guild is the first book in The Confectioner’s Chronicles by Claire Luana. The Moonburner Cycle is one of my favourite fantasy series ever, so when I discovered that Ms. Luana was releasing a new series, I could not wait for it to be available. I began devouring it within minutes of it hitting my Kindle. Even though the premise is quite different from the Moonburner books, I still had really high expectations and I am really excited to say that Ms. Luana certainly delivered on all the promise that the synopsis held. I was spellbound right from the beginning and loved every minute of this interesting, intriguing and slightly quirky read. Ok, I admit that Ms. Luana pretty much had me sold just from the premise alone. I mean, what’s not to love about a YA fantasy mystery??? There were sweet treats, murder, mystery, suspense, magic, danger, action, adventure, friendship, self-discovery, hidden agendas, quirky characters, surprises, and twists. Oh yeah, I was completely hooked!!!!
As with the Moonburner series, Ms Luana has once again created a unique and wonderful world in which to set her story. Ms. Luana’s imagination seems to know no bounds as she brings so many creative and unique elements to her storyline. It’s a wonderfully written story full of visual texture, wonderful descriptions and intricate details. The story is complex- with many layers, all beautifully interwoven and stitched together quite seamlessly to produce this delightful read.
The characters are unique, interesting, well thought out and fully developed. They were so enchanting; the cast of characters added an extra element of appeal to the whole story.
This is definitely a story I won’t forget any time soon and I can’t wait for the rest of the series and have already pre-ordered them in advance!

Thank you Ms. Luana!


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