The Only One (Brothers of Camelot Series Book #1) by Necie Navone – Review by Angela Hayes

The Only One (Brothers of Camelot, #1)The Only One by Necie Navone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

“These twelve boys were inseparable as they grew up, always together and causing a ruckus. To keep them out of trouble, Mom Gregory had the perfect playground built in her backyard, including a massive tree house. She included a large wooden round table, telling them the story of the Knights of the Round Table. They played knights every chance they could, at first with cardboard shields and swords and then with plastic costume pieces. The neighbors grew accustomed to seeing the boys running through the neighborhood, fighting enemies and for their honor.
The boys adopted a knightly code to always be honest with each other, no matter what, and that all decisions are to be made by unanimous vote. They pledged always to be there when one of them was in need. Pricking their fingers and sealing the pact with a blood oath, they kept their promise from childhood into adulthood
Years later….. they formed Camelot Enterprises. Each Brother found the role that fit them, from Camelot Security to Camelot Bar and Club, Camelot Construction to Camelot Law Firm.
The Brothers have maintained their promise to each other and are just as close as when they were boys playing knights. The round table may have gotten larger, but the pact they made as boys still stands.”

The Only One is the first book in the Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone. Ms. Navone is a new to me author, but one whom I will definitely be following and reading much more of in the future. This was a surprising find, I didn’t expect to like it quite as much as I did. I loved the cover and the blurb intrigued me, so I knew I would enjoy the story- but I wasn’t prepared for the characters and the story to grab me quite as much as they did. I found Ms. Navone to be a wonderful storyteller, weaving a superb story that plucked at my heart strings, while creating characters who really took on a life of their own- coaxing me into their world end enticing me farther and farther into the book, making me need to know how everything works out. Because of this, I found myself reading long into the night, finishing the book in one sitting, just so I could find out what happened. It was easy to forget the world around me while I was glued to the pages, the story had me firmly in its hold….. and I enjoyed every minute!
The book is quite funny, with funny references such as the Henry Peter Longfellow scene, Bella’s cussing attempts (such as, Fudge Boogers) and quite a few funny anecdotes, banter, and teasing. The story was fun and romantic- but there was also an element of suspense and drama that kept things very interesting.
Ms. Navone has a sexy and inviting style that really brought the story to life and added some park and sizzle to the whole thing.
I loved meeting Bella, Drake, and the rest of the cast- and I can’t wait to read the other Brothers of Camelot’s stories! This book has set the whole series off to a wonderful start! Bring on the next book!

Thank you, Ms Navone!


Review by @angelahayes


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