Dino (Glass City Hearts Book Two) by Desiree Lafawn – Review by Jana Teppih

Dino (Glass City Hearts Book Two)Dino by Desiree Lafawn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dino is the second book in Desiree Lafawn’s Glass City Hearts series. I started with book three of the series and simply had to go and also read books one and two! Desiree’s writing makes the stories so real that you feel so close to the characters and you simply want more … more glimpses into their lives, more of the people in their lives … simply more!
Dino is the story of Dino, a man of so many identities that at times he himself no longer knows who he truly is, and of Jeanette, a broken woman who has finally stopped running … having found a place (and people) to call home … These two have SOOOOO many secrets between them that at times it is hard to breathe … my goodness, this story … the journey Jeanette has been on … the suffering … and Dino … the loyalty … the family … Jeanette … and using the alternating points of views, she makes us part of the story …
The writer takes us to the pits of despair and to the heights of hope … she makes us cry and she makes us hope and she leaves us breathless and wishing for more … there is never enough …

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