Elegantly Denim: An Elegant Prelude by Tee Smith – Review by Lisa Helmick

Elegantly Denim: An Elegant Prelude (Elegant Series- Prequel)Elegantly Denim: An Elegant Prelude by Tee Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Elegantly Denim: An Elegant Prelude
By Tee Smith
Rated 3 stars

This is a short story. The story is mostly about Denim. He owns a club. He has problems there that he needs to take care of. But what he really likes to do is help people. Which is nice. He has a difficult family and it seems only his cousin is who he discusses things with. Denim has a lot of activity in his life that probably would be too much for me. This is a prelude to Elegant Retribution. This is a fast paced snappy story. We are introduced to future characters in here. We meet a lot of different characters. Some move into and out of his life fairly quickly. Others might show back up for his assistance in some way shape or form. I am unsure what the purpose of this is other than to give more insight into how Denim is.

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