Across From You by Amabel Daniels – Review by Angela Hayes.

Across From YouAcross From You by Amabel Daniels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Across From You is a hilarious romantic comedy by Amabel Daniels. It has humour, misadventures, funny banter and antics, a sprinkle of drama, and a lot of fun.
Ms. Daniels is on my ‘must read author’s list’. So, when I saw this book, I didn’t hesitate, grabbed myself a copy and dove right in. Compared to her other books that I’ve read, this one seemed a little slower to get going, but then the pace picked up a few chapters in and the story took off from there and flowed much better. From that moment on, I was along for the ride, laughing out loud at what was happening. I really enjoyed getting to know these wonderful characters, as Ms. Daniels creates interesting and well-developed individuals that are so easy to like.
Lexi Regan swore off men after getting dumped via social media and having the post go viral. She doesn’t like being in that kind of spotlight and is determined to take a break from the dating scene. When her best friend Carly wants to drag her out to an art class, Lexi really couldn’t be bothered, but goes anyway just to shut her up. Then she discovers that it’s a ‘life drawing’ class with a live model. She wasn’t expecting that, let along the hunky model who walks in and takes a pose. She can feel his eyes on her constantly and sees the smirk that he tries to hide. That just confirms it that men are all blockheads!
Just when she thinks the worst may be behind her, she finds on the weekend after her art class, that Mr. Hunky Model is also part of the bridal party in her cousins wedding. And what happens next makes for quite a hilarious romp.
An entertaining and light-hearted read.

Thank you, Ms. Daniels!


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