Hope’s Decree (The Fated Series Book #1) by Angela McPherson – Review by Angela Hayes

Hope's Decree (The Fated #1)Hope’s Decree by Angela McPherson
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Hopes Decree is the first book in The Fated series by Angela McPherson. WOW, what a fantastic start to this new series. I was completely captivated by the story and stayed glued to the pages until I’d read every word. I can’t convey just how great this story is, I am finding it hard to do it the justice that it deserves. With fantasy, to the paranormal, this book swept me up on an adventure I won’t soon forget. This incredible story is woven around Greek Mythology, in particular, Pandora’s Box- so let’s face it, Ms. McPherson had me at the mere mention of Greek Mythology- I love everything about it!! This book definitely has a ‘Percy Jackson’ feel to it, with action, adventure, mystery, good vs evil, dark vs light, suspense, intrigue, danger, survival, other realms, romance, angst, drama, hope……. and so much more!!
Trinity Whitebone thought she was a normal girl, attending her final year in high school. Sure, she didn’t exactly ‘fit in’, but she was doing well at school, had a few good friends, and loving parents. But when she begins to experience frightening nightmares and actually ‘feel’ other people’s emotions she began to wonder how ‘normal’ she actually was. Then a sexy new student enrols at her school and a whole new world is revealed to her.
She discovers that she has a crucial part to play in saving humanity. That being related to Pandora makes her uniquely qualified for the task, and there is a lot riding on her success. The sexy new guy turns out to be a ‘Watcher’, her Guardian who’s tasked with training her and getting her ready for the battles ahead. But neither she or Blaine expected to have such a powerful connection- which adds to the drama of the story. With sinister plots against them, and large targets on their backs- what will become of them. Can they defeat the evil that is set on destroying humanity? Can they unravel it all before it’s too late?
I love Ms. McPherson’s books, but this one is my favourite of them all, so far!! From the incredible world building, to the wonderful mythology that was woven through the story- this book really gave me an exciting reading experience that I didn’t want to end. The characters are really superb- so well developed and given ‘life’ by Ms. McPherson- and were crafted into fully realised individuals with their own personalities, quirks and flaws.
Ms. McPherson is so imaginative and clever, adding lots of small intricate and inter-connected details that built the mystery, suspense and tension of the story brilliantly. I spent a lot of the time on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen and trying to put all the pieces together. The twists and turns also added an exciting element to the story and had my mind reeling with possible scenarios!
The story was a little slow to get going in the beginning, but after a few chapters the story really took off. So, don’t be put off at the beginning, stick with it while Ms. McPherson is setting the foundations of the story- this book is well worth your time!!!!
The story is set to continue in the next book, and I can not wait to dive in!!

Thank You, Ms. McPherson!!


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