Jesse (Glass City Hearts Book 3) by Desiree Lafawn – Review by Nicole Noble

Jesse (Glass City Hearts Book 3)Jesse by Desiree Lafawn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jesse (Glass City Hearts Book 3)
By Desiree Lafawn
5 Stars

Jesse is the third book in the Glass City Hearts series by Desiree Lafawn. I am not sure how Ms. Lafawn manages to outdo the last book but she definitely did it with Jesse. I will admit that he is AWESOME and the hotness and sultry vibe still roles on in book 3.

Jesse had different plans for his life but with family and loyalty being what he was taught growing up he finds that it’s not something he can ignore. So life finds him tending bar and giving up on his dreams.

Harlow Jones is not your usual girl. With a knack for fixing anything mechanical and a whiz at the computer, she knows she’s different. To better her life and that of her son Harlow just needs to land this job at Glass City. What she wasn’t expecting were the complications that come with meeting Jesse.

Ms. Lafawn has captured my interest with the unique flow of her writing. From the bevy of old characters that we get to re-visit to finally being able to have the ending to Jesse’s story the reader is taken for an emotional ride that will have you laughing (and maybe wanting to relocate to a new living area) and crying as these two characters learn about themselves and each other. This book is extremely well written and will keep you entertained from the first page to the last. I can’t wait to dive into the next book in the series!


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