My Free Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel (My Life Series) By Necie Navone – Review by Laura Furuta

My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot (My Life Series Book 3)My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot (My Life Series Book 3)
By: Necie Navone
5 out of 5 stars

The story My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot (My Life Series Book 3) by Necie Navone is a coming of age book. It is a story that hooked me in from the very beginning and I didn’t want to put down until I had finished the last page. It has action, suspense, and danger. It is a book that had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. It is the continuing story of the girl who is now the Capo Donna. She is in charge of Family business and does her job well. She has been trained in self-defense in the Family since she was a little girl and has proven herself time and again. This story finds the Capo Donna closer to the dream of a “free life.” She is a beautiful, strong, and independent woman. She is someone who doesn’t shy away from saying what she means and telling the truth when she needs to. Will she finally make good her escape and start to live a normal and “free” life? Read this book to find out. Many of the characters that are in this book have been brought forward from the first two. I loved how the Capo Donna has so many that are loyal to her and would do anything to help her. She has a family by blood who she loves dearly, and they love her as well. There are also those who are introduced in this story that have their own agenda and who have evil intentions. What will happen when these men go up against the Capo Donna and the Family? There are heartbreaking times and heartwarming times in this story. One of the things I love about the book is that it is very detailed, and I felt like I was right there with the characters facing what they did. Wonderfully written with amazing characters this is a story that I would highly recommend reading. This is a series of books that should be read in order.

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