Breaking the Girl: A Dark Suspense Romance by M.C. Webb – Review by Jana Teppih

Breaking the Girl: A Dark Suspense RomanceBreaking the Girl: A Dark Suspense Romance by M.C. Webb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Breaking the Girl is my first read by M. C. Webb. She hooked me from the first page – “You are a salesman. You have to sell yourself within a few seconds or people get bored”. This quote could no doubt be used to reference M.C. Webb as her job as a writer is to hook me (the reader)!
It was an unusual and unexpected love story between a porn star (Alex) who makes x-rated movies for and a girl looking to be trained by him (Payton). The story was an emotional rollercoaster that at times was disturbing to read (there is a graphic rape scene towards the end of the book so if that is something of a trigger, please take care and be prepared). This story got to me on so many levels, one would say how can you relate to the story but you need to remember that this story is about people, people who have their painful pasts that have molded them to who they are today aka where we start in the story.
There are other impressively written characters in this story and that adds to the different layers and are vital to the story and in us understanding Alex and Payton. I loved M. C. Webb’s writing style very much, I had no issues to follow the story line, I loved how it went from Alex’ point of view to Payton’s and vice versa. For a while there I was not sure if there will be a Happily Ever After ending but in the end, the characters pulled through and as Alex says himself, “Although we are not a traditional love story, we are a love story.” I will go back to this writer for some more stories!

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