My Tragic Life (Brothers of Camelot Prequel) (My Life Series) by Necie Navone – Review by Heather Bass

My Tragic Life: Prequel to the Brothers of CamelotMy Tragic Life: Prequel to the Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone
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I have read a few of this talented authors books and she continues to blow me away. This is the second book of the Prequel to Brothers of Camelot and My Life series. I love a good coming to age book but this author exceeds my expectations. This series has be read in order or you will be lost. I could not put this book down. I could not help falling in love with these characters once again. It only took me a little over a day to devour this incredible story.

This book picks up where the last one ends. Alessandra is the Princess to the Canzano Family. She is going to the Boss when her father passes it down to her. Alessandra has been training ever since she was six years old. She is now trained to kill and she is even better than some of the men. Alessandra is now a teenager that wants to do teen things but she can’t. She is growing to hate her roll in the family. Alessandra has to be on guard at all times. One day her world is turned upside down. She makes a promise that will change her life but will she be able to do it? Will Alessandra get to live her life or will she stay in the cage her father has her in?

This is my favorite series I have read this year. The storyline has it all love, loss,heartbreak, and healing. You will fall in love with these characters all over again. I absolutely love Alessandra’s Uncle. He is her hero. He will do anything to make her smile. Alessandra is so brave at this tender age. She has seen a lot of violence through her life but she learns from it. All she wants to do is to find true love. This talented author made me cry tears of sadness and joy. I can’t wait to see what happens next to these unforgettable characters.
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