Only This Tuesday: A Copper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir – Review by Angela Hayes.

Only This Tuesday: A Copper Mills NovellaOnly This Tuesday: A Copper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir
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Only this Tuesday: A Copper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir is a wonderful small-town romance with an insta-love and new-beginnings aspect to it. There is also some drama, fun, and spice that made this quite an engaging read. From the sexy cover, interesting and quirky characters, and sweet story- this book ticks all the boxes and has everything you would want to have in a great read. Ms. Keir has an easy, inviting and sexy style that pulls you in, and will easily able to hold your attention, the whole way through.
Tuesday Benson moved to Copper Mills hoping for a fresh start after losing her mother, her business, and discovering her boyfriend’s ultimate betrayal. She now runs her own food truck, Tuesday’s Tacos, which is proving to be quite popular with both tourists and locals alike. With business getting busier, she decides to hire a local boy to assist her in the kitchen. Little did she expect that this would bring intense media scrutiny and hateful attention, which will threaten everything she’s worked so hard for.
Blake Rodgers is the charismatic and easy-going Mayor of Copper Mills. He works hard to promote his town and do the best for all the residents. He loves the simple pleasure of life and hasn’t got a pretentious bone in his body. But when a trip to the grocery store throws him in the path of a gorgeous, outgoing woman- he’s charmed and can’t stop thinking about her. And just when things seem to be progressing between them, his self-centred and spiteful ex begins a hateful campaign that has the potential to not only ruin their blossoming romance, but also jeopardises his job. Will they find a way to put a stop to her smear campaign? Will their fledgling romance be strong enough to endure the attacks, or will it become a casualty too? Will the witch get her comeuppance? What will the future hold for these two? All these answers can be found between the cover of this delightful story.
This book contains a sweet romance, great chemistry, and some fun banter. The author also includes some more delicate subject matter, such as people with special needs/disabilities, suicide, and prejudice- but she does so in an honest and caring way. I loved the underlying message that the story contained, and I really wish that everyone had the same respect for people with special needs or disabilities, as Tuesday shows in this story.
I can’t wait to pick up my next read by Ms. Keir- I know I will be in good hands!

Thank you, Ms Keir!


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