Our Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Tracy Manderson

Our Unexpected HopeOur Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan

5 out of 5 stars
Our unexpected hope written by Michelle Sullivan is an awesome read and a continuous to our next chapter where we met Quinn, Karalyn and Dex were amazing and still strong willed. I had so many different emotions reading this book I laughed cried and I was also pissed at what the main characters had to go through, but they were strong and made it.
Seeing the love that Quinn’s parents have for one another she is a hopeless romantic. She hope’s that she could someday find a love like that for herself. What she found with Noah was even better than she ever dreamed possible.
Noah has never known love growing up with the feeling of being unwanted. Shuffled from home to home in his youth, adulthood gave him the freedom to make something of himself. He had all he could ever want until Quinn walked into his life and changed everything.
I highly recommend this book so join Quinn and Noah on their journey of love, loss and the most unexpected gift they never saw coming.
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