Silk Road (Code Raven Series Book 6) by Lynda Filler – Review by Michelle Mulvey

SILK ROAD (Code Raven, #6)SILK ROAD by Lynda Filler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Silk Road by Lynda Filler is book 6 on the Code Raven Series. I have read a few books in the series and have enjoyed reading them.

The books are fast paced and action packed. Silk Road is about children being kidnapped and either sold or used for prostitution. Luke and Luci are spending a few days in his private sanctuary in the Maldives. He has a family who stays there and does the upkeep for him. When their 2 young children are taken in the middle of the night, Luke knows he must act quickly.

Meanwhile in another area, Zach’s good friend Mike
needed help. They were all together in BUDS Training many years ago and kept in touch. Mikes daughter ran away at a young age and now she is reaching out to him because her son has been taken. He’s 13 years old and he is her life. When she calls Mike for help, she knows he’s her only chance. Mike and His daughter Katie have not spoken for about 13 years and when she finally reaches out she tells him she says “Dad, I need your help and bring your friends.”

Children are being taken all over the world but the raven group cannot seem to catch them. Things don’t add up every time they try.

Another teenager is taken but the authorities think it is an ala Kachuu which is a meeting of a bride and groom. However the parents know that is not the case.

Will the Raven Group be able to save these children and reunite them with their families while putting an end to the Russian Mob or will they be to late?

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