Truly Unfortunate (Welcome To Knollville Book 1) by C.A. King – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Truly Unfortunate (Welcome To Knollville Book 1)Truly Unfortunate by C.A. King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truly Unfortunate is the first book in C.A. King’s Welcome to Knollville series. I have read and enjoyed a number of C.A. King’s books in the past, including her Portal Prophecies and Four Horsemen series, so knew I could expect enchanting world-building and strong, interestingly complicated characters and a thoroughly enjoyable story!
Truly Unfortunate tells the story of Truly, a young woman struggling to remember her tragic past (TW – mentions of abuse although there are no graphic descriptions). As the story progresses, she remembers more about her childhood and we begin to wonder how it might be linked to a series of unusual deaths happening in the present.
Truly is truly (haha) a great character. She is working several jobs to afford medical treatment and rent, working hard to overcome her trauma and amnesia. She is also kind and considerate to her friends, good at solving problems and willing to stand up for herself.
The supporting characters include Jeff and Miranda, the detectives trying to make sense of the series of seemingly accidental deaths. They’re clever and determined, and able to joke about the ridiculous situations they find themselves in! And there’s Stan, the bus driver, a character who will feel familiar to anyone who frequents public transport. I also particularly liked Maria, Truly’s colleague and friend who lightens the otherwise quite dark tone.
Truly Unfortunate is quite a dark book, with a wonderful and gripping story. For me it’s a five star read – I struggled to put it down! I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a mystery with a touch of magic.

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