Who: A Stalker Series Novel by Megan Mitcham – Review by Kristan Anderson

Who (Stalker, #1)Who by Megan Mitcham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who: A Stalker Series Novel by Megan Mitcham was an interesting story. I had quite the time getting into the story but pressed on because I knew it had great potential. There were parts that were confusing and I had to reread simply based on my own questions. There was… a lot of intimate scenes. Many of which I found unnecessary and did not do anything for the storyline. The story has a lot of twists which keep your attention after you pass the confusion. Larkin is a self-made business woman who does rather well for herself, although she is having to face a crazy amount of issues due to someone leaking information. Though she’s tough she has a hard time sticking up for herself when it actually matters. This was my first story by this author and I would give another of her stories a try but maybe not this series. I personally did not connect with the characters like I normally do in books. But I have to say I did pretty good at figuring out WHO it was!

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