Say When by Bree Kraemer (Cedarville #9) – Review by Ashleigh Whitwell

Say When (A Cedarville Novel Book 9)Say When by Bree Kraemer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Say When is the ninth (yes, ninth!) instalment of the truly wonderful Cedarville series. One again, we are transported to the beautiful lakeside setting which has become so familiar to fans of this series. This instalment does not disappoint, as were introduced to a new couple that immediately grabbed my heart. This is one read not to be missed!

I have to start this review by admitting that I am a superfan of this series. I absolutely love the world that the author has created and it holds a very dear place in my heart. So as soon as a new book is released, I am immediately anticipating finding the time to sit and really enjoy it. Cue a nice cup of team, some chocolate cookies and a cosy blanket; time to read!

Say When had me hooked after the very first page. Immediately jumping into the wonderful world of baking had my mouth-watering; luckily I had the cookies! Dani is such an endearing character and I felt myself warming to her straight away. I love her innocence, which I think makes her such a strong character and so interesting to read. She has a lot of fears and learning about these over the course of the story allowed us to see why her and Patrick have such an intense connection. As for Patrick… what a cutie! He is such an equally interesting character who I couldn’t wait to find out more about. We learn about him more slowly than Dani, with the main focus of the story being her getting over her fears, but that just makes him so much more intriguing; who doesn’t love a mysterious man?! Seeing them together is so much fun and, let’s be honest, super hot. There are some steamy moments in this book, which are sure to get you feeling a little hot. All I’ll say is, lucky Dani!

I don’t think I will ever stop loving this series or this author’s work. Every single book in this series is beautifully written, packed with wonderful characters and has an intriguing and exciting plot. Ultimately, this series is about love and the connection that develops between two people, and Say When perfectly portrays this. If you haven’t already, I cannot encourage you enough to start reading this series. By the time you get to Dani and Patrick’s story, you’ll be as hooked as I am!

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