Sleeping Angel (Soul Connection Book 2 ) by Nikki Lynn Barrett- Review by Lauren West

Sleeping Angel (Soul Connection, #2)Sleeping Angel by Nikki Lynn Barrett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Logan and Angel are intertwined by 1 devastating death, and 1 tragic accident. When Logan’s sister is killed Angel is able to identify the accused. However his anger and grief have taken an immense toll and in Logan’s eyes her lack of intervention and then her length of silence before coming forth makes her just as guilty and puts her as a direct target for his hatred. As she is celebrating her birthday a year later she has an encounter with an angry, drunken Logan and its what causes her tragic accident, and also what becomes the start of her spiritual journey as someone else. As the story unfolds it becomes a journey of life altering experiences that show everything truly happens for a reason.
This is my first read by Ms. Barrett, and it took me by surprise. This paranormal tale was quite original and quite thought provoking. The author takes you on an emotional roller coaster with her unique cast of characters as they try to overcome guilt, grief, addiction, and forgiveness. You will become entangled within their lives in both life and death, and its a very good reminder of the importance of taking those extra moments to slow down.

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