Beats of the Heart by Charli B. Rose – Review by Kerry Baker

Beats of the HeartBeats of the Heart by Charli B. Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beats of the Heart Charli B. Rose is the first book in the Lyric Odyssey Rockstars series. This book is part one of two, the second book will continue the story of Izzy and Dawson.
This book is a great rockstar romance. It has everything you could want – best friends, lovers, angst. I love the fact that the author knew enough about these characters to see their story couldn’t be told in just one book. It ensures that nothing about this story felt rushed. It was paced it well with great flow.
And the characters are such interesting ones to read about. Izzy and Dawson honestly left my head spinning.
I absolutely cannot wait to see what cook two holds in store for them.

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