Mouse Trapped: Satan’s Devils MC #9 by Manda Mellett – Review by Jana Teppih

Mouse Trapped: Satan's Devils MC #9Mouse Trapped: Satan’s Devils MC #9 by Manda Mellett
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Mouse Trapped is the ninth book in Manda Mellett’s Satan’s Devils MC series! It is my first encounter with the writer and it means also that I have not read the first eight books and even though it is totally fine to read this book as a standalone, I felt that I probably missed out on some things not having read the series in the order as I did not the background and stories of people who were playing important roles in Mouse’s MC life.
Mouse Trapped is the story of Tse ‘Mouse’ who is a man living in two worlds – half Native American and half Anglo … he has found a place in the world by finding it in the Satan’s Devils MC as their computer nerd, a guy who puts together puzzles … a guy who feels that he is still missing something … Mouse Trapped is also the story of Mariana ‘Ma’ who is not really an illegal but who needs to walk straight and narrow as she is DACA holder – she came to the US illegally when she was four years old when her mother escaped her father … she is the sole caretaker of her younger brother who is a citizen as he was born in the US … Things happen, things that are not under Mariana’s control and she is left floundering without help until her brother calls Mouse …
I loved the story, I loved how real it was, the writer touched upon issues that are in the limelight right now – DACA holders, ICE, the detention centers, the attitude of many people … I still remember how Mouse thought to himself, wondering how the world would look like if they (Native Americans) were in charge …
I could not put the book down, I cried and I laughed and … I will need to go back and read the first eight books now! I love discovering new writers and finding new series! What a blessing!

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