Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams) by Abbie Roads – Review by Jenni Bishop

Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3)Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads
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Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams #3) by​ Abbie Roads is another great book in the Fatal Dreams series where the legend continues. It is a supernatural story that is full of darkness and suspense, pain and suffering, destiny and love. Each book is about couples that are bound by a legend where they are destined to be together. Where the connection together is life long and undeniable. This series is one of my favourites and is a compelling and engrossing read that you can not put down until you know how it ends. Abbie is very very good at writing something so dark but also so sweet.

Helena is living a life not of her making. Being accused of something she didn’t do but no one believes her. Freedom is not far away but can she survive long enough to get there. Thomas is damaged and lived through a horrific and tragic past by a monster that he has to live with every day.

All it takes is one look, and their lives change in a way neither of them would have ever thought. If only they can defeat the monster that won’t let go. If only they can escape from the dark.

Even though there is a lot of dark content in this story it is one that grips your heart to the point of tears and makes you hope against hope that these beautiful broken people find peace and love in their lives.  

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