The Confectioners’s Truth (Confectioners Chronicles Book 3) by Claire Luana – Review by Sue Kemp

The Confectioner's Truth (Confectioner Chronicles Book 3)The Confectioner’s Truth by Claire Luana
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The Confectioner’s Truth (Confectioner’s Chronicles Book 3)
By Claire Luana

The Confectioner’s Truth is the third and final book this series. Please don’t start with book three I wouldn’t recommend them read a standalone. We have the pleasure of meeting some new characters in this book, each one I feel enhances the storyline. Wren went through some time in self-doubt and tries to learn from mistakes she has made. Will she be able to learn and not make the same mistakes again? The only thing I did question was why so many couples, but all in all I enjoyed the book. The thing I liked about this series is I found most of the characters to have their own strengths, I could be wrong but that’s my personal opinion! I really liked how Claire just kept building up this series, sometimes I find the last book in a series to be disappointing, but not with this book. The Confectioner’s Truth has ended this series perfectly. I would also recommend anyone and everyone to read this series, you won’t be disappointed.

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