The Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

The Crazy YatesThe Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard
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The Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard


This short sweet Christmas novel focuses on family and love. Callie gave up her childhood early when her mom left to help take care of her family. With it being Christmas time she struggles to keep the fact that she is soon to be unemployed from tainting the holiday. With her father not able to leave the home because of an illness it remains up to her to figure out how to take care of the family. She is an amazing and strong girl and knows the importance of family. They are her priority and I love how she focuses on providing the best for them. She is selfless and hardworking. I love the little bit of Christmas magic that occurs in this book. It was an extremely refreshing read that I sincerely enjoyed.

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