The Killmores (Killmore Book 2) by Martha Sweeney – Review by Kaitlynn Taylor

The Killmores (Killmore #2)The Killmores by Martha Sweeney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Killmores by Martha Sweeney


The Killmores is a phenomenal story that held me captive from the beginning until the very end. It’s the second book in Martha Sweeney’s Killmore series and it’s quite possibly my favourite book by this author to date. I would strongly suggest reading book 1 first as this story follows exactly where it left off.

The Killmores is captivating, intense, detailed, riveting, action-packed and so unbelievably entertaining. I ended up reading this book in one sitting as I couldn’t bring myself to put it down. I felt so invested in Laurie and Aiden’s story that I even got emotional shedding a tear or two. Honestly I felt so sad when I reached the end since I could have continue to read about the two of them for hours. I’m already looking forward to re reading this book again!

I would strongly recommend this book to others!!

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