The Killmores (Killmores #1) by Martha Sweeney – Review by Julie Lounello

The Killmores (Killmore #2)The Killmores by Martha Sweeney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Killmores by Martha Sweeney is a five star novel. I loved how this novel followed up Killmore nicely, I only did not like how close the titles are to each other because I kept thinking that it was only one novel and not two. It is a must to read these in order. We meet Laurie and Aiden in the first novel along with several bad guys. As Laurie and Aiden find their way in the world moving every couple of weeks, Laurie is determined to not let her past catch up to her. She never thinks she is safe. She convinces Aiden to keep moving with her even though he thinks it is just her paranoia kicking in. Little do they know that her nightmares are soon to materialize and now they both need to figure out how to make it back to each other.
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