The Progeny Assassin : A Tarnished Lands Story (Forgotten Woods) by P.A. Wikoff – Review by Sarah Oakes

The Progeny Assassin: A Tarnished Lands StoryThe Progeny Assassin: A Tarnished Lands Story by P.A. Wikoff

A great read about growing up. Lara is a reckless and daring young girl. As a feathered folk, she seeks to protect her dying forest from invaders but never takes it seriously. When her master suddenly goes missing, Lara sets out to find her, thinking it will be like one of the great quest narratives she loves to read. But the world is full of surprises and dangers Lara never knew. existed. Can she survive it all and find her master?
A great read. Well developed plot with twists and turns that I just couldn’t put down. Well developed characters like Lara as bold and daring but vulnerable and childlike underneath or the master as the stern mentor figure.
I loved the visual detail throughout the novel with the sense of destruction with the burnt out trees and dead grass and ash with memories of what was there like the pink lake or the fresh wind for a sense of loss. And the wonderful magical sense of the mist and the moon later on for Lara as a source of unexpected happiness.
I loved the sense of the bildungsroman narrative as we watch Lara grow up and find her way through thinga. This along with the childlike nature of discovery and adventure was beautifully written. I also enjoyed the metanarratives with Lara’s vivid sense of imagination and were poignant in how reality can be harsher. Overall, a great read and I would give it five stars.

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