A Talent for Trouble by Landra Graf – Review by Gail Guerrero

A Talent for Trouble (Bad Boys of Space, #1)A Talent for Trouble by Landra Graf
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Four Stars

This book took the drug business to a new level. You’re put into a place that is only a dream. A place where we are loving and interacting with other beings. I liked the thought process and details the author put into this story. To visualize a world where anything is possible. I really liked the characters. Emilio is a strong character that shows his weaknesses. He didn’t falter or let his ego show because Toni was stronger or better at things. He took his losses and changed the outcome. Toni was a perfect balance. She was hard but soft. She learned to bend on certain situations but stepped forward when she didn’t agree. She held her own, doing for no one. I’m glad Emilio enjoyed her fiery side. They were the perfect balance for each other. I would love to see the world come to a place like this story. Except the drug part.

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