Eight Steps to Alpha by Taylor Sullivan – Review by Maura Harper

Eight Steps to Alpha (Nerdy by Nature, #1)Eight Steps to Alpha by Taylor Sullivan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As mentioned in the title – EIGHT STEPS: A FRIEND TO LOVERS ROMANCE, this is the story of a two besties/roomies who enter into an agreement to make the H into an alpha male to “get the girl of his dreams”. Elliot and Fe follow EIGHT STEPS to get him to be a man to be desired. This is a cute story that moves rather quickly as they only have four weeks to do this make-over. The good news is that Elliot was already halfway there because he is a “hot nerd” and not an “awkward nerd”. If there is a moral to this story it is DON’T IGNORE THE NERDS!!!! The geeky nerd you are scoffing at today is the hot dude you want tomorrow.

This is a cute and classic rom-com. The story flowed well and I feel it was written in a realistic (almost too realistic at times) style that was easy to read.

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