Heart of a Hunk Anthology by Various Authors – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance HeroesHeart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes by Nicole Morgan
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Heart of a Hunk is a collection of books written by different authors. Two of the books I’m reviewing are Foxxy Christmas by Allyson R Abbott and A Kiss under a Blue Christmas Moon by Tamara Ferguson. I have read both authors before and have loved everything I have read by them.

Foxxy Christmas was great from the beginning. Foxxy was an escort / street walker or whatever her pimp decided to use her for. She made eye contact with a man one night while she was on a job and that was it. There was instant chemistry and he did what was needed to book her services for the following day. Foxxy is a very strong character. She didn’t give in easily but, she was finally convinced he was there to help her. Eddie is a very dangerous man who hands his hands into everything.
Will Foxxy be able to pull off what she has planned or will it be a waste of time. Richard and Jerry ended up saving Foxxy’s life.

A Kiss under a Blue Christmas Moon took a few chapters to get me hooked. Mia and Noah met at school and instantly fell for each other. They finally got up the courage to speak to each other right before the summer. Only problem was, at the end of the summer Noah was leaving for the Air Force. Everything was going well during the summer until it didn’t. Mia had no idea why Noah never spoke to her again. Blackmail is an ugly thing that can ruin something wonderful. About 6 years later, what happens when they see each other again? Will the truth finally come out? This story was very addicting and I found myself reading so fast to find out how it ended.

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