Player (21st Century Courtesan #1) by Pamela DuMond – Review by Michelle Austin

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)Player by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Player was a great 5 star read and book one in the 21st Century Courtesan series. I was pulled right in from the beginning with a childhood memory that was heartbreaking for Evie. I actually finished this book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.

I am not a rickety shed. Will I survive the storm that blows through? -Evie

Evie is a teacher trying to take care of her mother and sister and is barely paying off her student loans. A friend offers her an opportunity to make some good money, at first she turns it down but quickly changes her mind.

She is now a very popular escort in Chicago with Ma Maison. There are several people interested in Evie. Evie is considered a problem solver and can help people. She was just about to take a 30 day leave to spend time with her family but she was personally requested by someone who needed her badly. Dylan is desperate for her help, she goes with him to a high-stakes poker party and things progressed from there. Things take an interesting twist for Evie with her family, and an unexpected stalker.

I really liked Evie’s story. There is something about her that drew me right in. All of the secondary characters added a great element to the story. We get past and present POV’s which added to the story as well. This is my first read from Pamela and I loved it, she pulls you right in with her writing. The ending isn’t what I expected and now I’m anxiously awaiting the next book to see what happens. If you’re looking for a different type of read with danger, sex, love and so much more I highly recommend this book.

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