Rainy Day Lovers ( The Rocklyns Book 3) by Alicia Street – Review by Tausha Treadway

Rainy Day Lovers (The Rocklyns Book 3)Rainy Day Lovers by Alicia Street
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Rainy Day Lovers ( The Rocklyns Book 3) by Alicia Street. This is a great contemporary romance. You can read it as a series or standalone and its a super fast read. The story is about Raina aka Rainy and Roman. Rainy is a strong, independent, tough young lady who is always looking out for the underdog. Having to be the peacemaker and caregiver to her younger siblings due to no fault of her own she is a in charge kind of girl or otherwise know as “Bossy”. She has the best heart though and she becomes a Family Law Attorney and pours herself into her work becoming a workaholic. Roman is dealt a horrible hand early in life that leaves him disfigured and scared. He is rescued and helped to become a successful plastic surgeon where he and Rainy’s paths cross again. Will she quit working long enough to have a life and will he trust her with his heart. This is such a sweet story, you will shed tears and laugh.

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