Shadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Debi Kircher

Shadow's Keep: A NovelShadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn

5 Stars

I spent a little bit of this book totally confused as to what was going on…when it finally sunk in I was totally hooked. I love this author and her creative storylines. After reading her Ash Park series I was already a forever fan and this one just strengthened that. One of the reasons I love this author so much is because she has taken a genre that I do not read and made me read it and look forward to reading more.

This one creeped me out a bit but I could not put it down, and as always I try to figure it out as I go…well I should have already known that wouldn’t work with this authors writing. The ending totally twisted me up and all the way through i would think aha I got it..just to say in the next few pages…no i don’t LOL

Not going to go into the details of this story..Read it, and if you feel a little confused at some points..Stick with it, it’ll all make sense I promise.

Loved it and can’t wait for more from this amazingly talented author!

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