The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections #5) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Tracy Manderson

The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections, #5)The Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections #5) by Sylvie Stewart

5 out of 5 stars

The Way You Are is the fifth book in the Carolina Connections written by Sylvie Stewart and I have read every book in this series and I loved them. Ms. Stewarts writing just gets better with each story/book. The characters are crazy but fun crazy that feed of the crazy. They are well developed and we even get to see our favorite couples from the first few books.
Brett MacKinnon, is a nice guy and a frequent resident of the friend zone. He has terrible taste in woman. So when Brett hears this tiny little girl with the booming voice he goes and talks to her. He is determined to ditch the friend zone and show her he is boyfriend material. Too bad the position’s already been filled by a ball-playing caveman who could flatten him with his pinky.
LIV: There are really only three things she needs in life: sex, baseball, and winning. Her hot boyfriend and season tickets take care of the first two, while she always do her best to cover the last. So developing an unexpected crush on a new friend is more than a little inconvenient. She doesn’t have anything but friendship to offer Brett, but with the way he looks at her, and makes her feel things he has her wishing she did.
BRETT: Has been put in the friend zone so often, they’ve got a sandwich named after him. You’d think he’d be used to it by now. But when it comes to the delectable Liv and he will pull out all the stops to show her he is the guy for her.
Can Brett get out of the friend zone what will it take for Liv to see him more than a friend? You will have to read this great book to find out.
I highly recommend this book/series…

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