The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Michelle Austin

The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections, #5)The Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Way You Are was a good 4 star read and book five in the Carolina Connections series.

Brett meets Liv at a baseball game but quickly finds out that she has a boyfriend who plays for the team. Brett was quickly put in the friend zone with Liv.

The friendship grows between these two and his attraction to Liv continues to grow. And the jealousy continues to build from Troy, he doesn’t like Liv hanging out with Brett. The best I could hope for was that she’d eventually lose interest in Troy and decide she liked me instead – Brett

While out with a bunch of his friends Brett witnesses something that changes everything. He talks to Liv’s cousin letting him know what he saw. Could this be his chance to finally have Liv for himself?

There are some more unexpected twists and turns that added a great element to the story. I also had several LOL moments. Overall I really liked Brett and Liv’s story. Sylvie Stewart pulls you in with her writing, I look forward to reading more from her.

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