Written In The Stars by T. Birmingham – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2)Written in the Stars by T. Birmingham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written in the Stars by T Birmingham was a great 5 star read for me. I was a bit skeptical after reading book 1 Terrible Beauty. This book totally changed it around for me.

Winter is one of the 4 Markham sisters all names after seasons. We were introduced to the characters briefly in a Terrible Beauty and they are back and brought their A game in Written in the Stars.

Winter is the quite loner of the group. She knows everyone, they all know her but she doesn’t really talk to them. She has had a secret crush on Eagle for 3 years since she first laid eyes on him. She’s the shy type who has never acted on it. When she finally gets the nerve to ask him to coffee, will he accept the offer or decline? Will their friendship turn into anything more?
There is a serial killer on the loose and Eagle and his team are helping try to find who it is and keep their city safe. When more murders are committed missing some important factors, they think they may have a copycat on the loose which is making it that much harder to find the person / people. Many people Winter and her friends know are brought in as suspects but it seems everyone has an Alibi or was out of town when the murders took place. This book kept me interested and on the edge of my seat. I never thought the person they caught would’ve been the one involved. The reasons behind the murders was a little disturbing to me as well.

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