Claimed Royalty (Crowned And Claimed #1) by Betty Shreffler – Review by Emily Walsh

Claimed RoyaltyClaimed Royalty
ByBetty Shreffler
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claimed Royalty (Crowned And Claimed #1) by Betty Shreffler was a fast pace, action filled, hot, engaging read, that had me hooked from start to finish.

Not my first read by this author, so I knew going in that I was in for some deep emotional evoking writing. I was not disappointed in the least. Another superb book by Betty Shreffler, I was captured from the first paged and stayed hooked until the very last word was read. Rich with a complex plot, and multilayer characters, this book was not only fun to read, it connects your heart a soul to an amazing world that Betty has created.

Both MC’s are well written and I fell hard for both of them. Fiora was a strong, stubborn, outstanding character, that I connected to almost right away. She truly shined and carried this story in a ways that enchanted the plot and added a layer of realism, that not only makes you believe in her, but that the world she has to one day rule, is real. Matheas was that perfect match, loyal, passionate and solid in his beliefs. He was there for Fiora, and he also shoned and help carry this story towards amazingness. Having two such strong MC’s is a rarity, and I believe that it’s one of the factors that sets this book apart from others like it.

Overall if you haven’t guessed, this book gets my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

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