Infamy (Feisty Lawyers #2) by Seelie Kay – Review Lisa Helmick

Infamy (Feisty Lawyers, #2)Infamy by Seelie Kay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Infamy (Feisty Lawyers #2)
By Seelie Kay
Rated 3 stars

If you like reading stories that are full of alphabets this one is for you. What does she mean? Well FBI, CIA, MISix for a few. That leads to multiple characters working or knowing someone who works in one or more of these. This one is a story that involves all the characters we met in the last book as well as a few new ones. There is a lot of activity and some downtime for the couples. This doesn’t really follow one couple. It follows more of a group. This is a little difficult at times. Too many people and too many secret/not secret titles. It can be confusing to read trying to follow each character, what group they are associated with, what qualifications they have and why/how they are attached to the rest. I liked the beginning but once they got to the house I was overwhelmed with characters and credentials. I made a list to try to keep track. There is some humor and briefly crazy sexy times. The connection between some of the characters was good. Hope seems to be a handful and I’m pretty sure she will get her way on her future. Anyway this is an ok read for me. I had too many struggles to be interested to read more stories.

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