Penny For Your Thoughts: A Sweet Romance (Sand Dollar Series Book 1) by JD Boudreaux – Review by Maura Harper

Penny For Your Thoughts (Sand Dollar Series Book 1)Penny For Your Thoughts by J.D. Boudreaux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS is a “sweet romance”.  A sweet romance as defined by Cathy McDavid: “sweet romances emphasize the developing romantic relationship, focusing on the emotional conflicts standing between the couple and their struggle to overcome those conflicts. Love scenes have no more physical intimacy than kissing. They can be tender or a bit more intense but always with undeniable sexual undercurrents which are gently stated rather than explicit. The characters can have ugly or traumatic pasts, such as abuse or rape or addiction, but none of that takes place in the here and now. Mild curses like damn are acceptable if used in moderation and not gratuitously.”

The typical sweet romances that I’ve read are shorter than full length novels and have a complete beginning, middle and end in its brevity. That is not the case with PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS. This is an extremely detailed telling of a story and, at times, it is so detailed that I found myself a little frustrated wanting the story to move quicker.

I really enjoyed how the story started out. I think it’s a great look at the human condition of how people help others in distress. There is a lot good about both of the main characters, I think the point sometimes got buried in all of the details. There are some really cute and funny moments while this relationship develops. It was all just too much.

I always appreciate an author’s hard work when putting “pen to paper” and you can see the effort that this author put into the story and I will keep an eye out for future books this author writes.

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