Seraphina’s Awakening (The Seraphina Series, #1)by Sheena Hitchinson – Review by Gail Guerrero

Seraphina's Awakening (Seraphina, #1)Seraphina’s Awakening by Sheena Hutchinson
My rating: 5 of 5 star

Seraphina’s Awakening by Sheena Hitchinson

Five Stars

How much would you be willing to give up for someone who doesn’t know you? Nate has been given a task. This task is like a demotion to him but the most important task to the world. Sera is awakening into a part of the world she never knew existed. I really enjoyed this story. It gave me a break in between the hot sexy billionaire stories. I liked the unique twist the author put on this story. It made it more interesting. Nate made a choice without knowing how Sera would chose in the end. I’m also excited that you get both characters POV. I love books that come in a series. You get a lot more about it and the time you get learning about the characters. You definitely see more growth and comprehension in books that have series.

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