Shattered LoveShattered Love by Nivia Borell
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Such a complex book! Book one in the Forever Us Series by Nivia Borell is Shattered Love. This book was written with such great poise and descriptive manner. This author really takes you on a journey of deep feeling and emotion. Shattered Love follows Bria du Mont on her 25th birthday and the encounters of the past. Bria was meant for Damien du Sky. From the time that they were little, they were tied by such a great bond. That bond being an immense forever kind of love. One that they thought was impenetrable. But on the night of her 18th birthday the unspeakable happens, which destroys everything they are about. Damien catches Bria in bed with another man. However, Bria doesn’t remember it happening at all. At that point, Bria goes into the hospital from a heart attack. Damien finds himself in a bottle and the chase to be the very best CEO. For the next 7 years Bria drowns herself in work and finds herself incapable of having any feelings whatsoever. So she starts planning to disappear so that she can no longer hurt the ones that she loves any longer. Like I said before, this book is complex and has so many facets to go along with it. It’s a book that you need to pay attention, otherwise you will miss something. Good news is that the writing envelops you and you can’t seem to pull yourself out because you keep wanting more and more. I can’t wait for the next in the series!

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