The Monster’s Lover (The Fenris Series Book 1) by Samantha Macleod – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

The Monster's LoverThe Monster’s Lover by Samantha MacLeod
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The Monster’s Lover, Book One in The Fenris Series by Samantha MacLeod


The Monster’s Lover by Samantha Macleod features the Fenris wolf from Norse mythology. He is one of the main characters as well as his lover Sol. We meet Sol at the start of the novel when she is basically sold to King Nokkyn to make up for her family’s failure to meet their quota. She is given until the reading before she will be added to the Kings harem. I hated that she would have to face this and how her mother began to coach her on things to do to keep the King happy. She meets Fenris in human form after she is attacked by a group of men from town and embraces the short amount of freedom she has left. The passion between Fenris and Sol was heartwarming and exciting. Sol seemed to come out of her shell with him and I fell in love with the two characters. I can’t wait to continue to follow their story. This was such a quick and easy read! I loved it.

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