Age of Saints: Druid’s Brooch Series: #7 by Christy Nicholas – Review by Felicia Bates

Age of Saints (Druid's Brooch #7)Age of Saints by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Age of Saints (Druid’s Brooch Series Book 7)
Christy Nicholas
4 out of 5 stars

Age of Saints is the 7th book in the standalone Druid’s Brooch series by Christy Nicholas. The author continues to impress me with the depth
of her storytelling and the vivid imagery she paints.
This is a fantastic fantasy series I’ve found myself lost in, with characters that are deep and relatable. I have enjoyed every book I’ve read in the series thus far, but there was something about Age of Saints that I loved to the point where I would venture to say it’s my favorite! If you’re looking for a great book series that transports you to another place and time then I honestly can’t recommend the Druid’s Brooch Series or Age of Saints enough.

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