Captivated By The Millionaire (Mills & Boon True Love)Captivated By The Millionaire by Nina Singh
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This is not your typical Harlequin novel. At least it wasn’t what I was expecting. Captivated by the Millionaire is written by Nina Singh. I was very surprised by this book and I loved every second of it. Jessalyn “Jess” has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for the last few years and has been very comfortable there being a part time art teacher. Jordan just moved the island with his sister, Sonya, whom he has just taken custody of because their father had recently passed. From the moment that these two have met there has been a spark but they each thought each other were enigmas. Not understanding each other since they both come from different circles and lives. Jess is a little bit bohemian and kind of goes with the flow. Jess also doesn’t come from money. Jordan comes from the city and comes from structure and has quite a bit of money. So on paper these two should not match one iota. Like I said, this book was great and it truly surprised me. I enjoyed this author and cannot wait to read more from her!

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