Claimed Royalty (Crowned and Claimed Series, Book 1) by Betty Shreffler – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Claimed RoyaltyClaimed Royalty by Betty Shreffler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claimed Royalty is book one in the Crowned and Claimed series by Betty Shreffler. This author gets to me every time. I get lulled into the story and  stay blissfully immersed until the very last word. I get lost in this style of writing and the clever way the story was delivered was incredible. Fantasy at it’s finest.

The Queen has a dilemma. She has so many suitors, and her heart wants none. Age  honoured tradition forces her to consider these men, while choosing one seems an impossible task. The author takes the reader on an anxious and exciting adventure. One where I fell for the Queen and her strong personality, her love for the taboo, and her tenacity.

Claimed Royalty had it all. Forbidden love, dastardly deeds, secrecy, passion, suspense, and potency. Sinister characters were also at play, keeping the anxiety levels at fever pitch. This author knows how to keep her audience hanging off every word, desperately eager to find out what  is instore for the Queen. But more than one man has captivated her attention. What will happen next? Stay tuned for book two.

A riveting and totally spellbinding story that will hold your attention captive, dazzle you, impress you, and frustrate. All this in one fantastic fantasy. 5 stars.

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