Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Alexandria Richard

A steamy MMF “bad boy” rock star romance. 4/5 Stars

“Exhale and move on” is a mantra Rick Fars has lived by. When something isn’t going right, just exhale and move on. He has become a bit disenfranchised with the “rock star” life. Sure he’s still getting laid and having fun, but it has become more of the same old. That is until he starts allowing himself to feel his feelings, and to explore what they could be if he followed through on them.

I really enjoyed listening to Rick’s story, and jeesh was the sex HOT. There’s BDSM scenes, M/M, and (multiple) threesomes. This story is not for the faint of heart with the explicitness.

I enjoyed the insight to the turmoil someone in the spotlight could be feeling in their relationships and with themself. Rick is someone who is still exploring who he is and what he wants in life. He may be the “bad boy” but he also has a soft side, planning a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The one thing that made me not be able to give “Exhale and Move On” a 5-star rating was the bouts of slight homophobia from one of the prominent characters. While that may be more realistic, I wasn’t a fan of reading that in a romance novel meant to be MMF.

I have not read K.L. Shandwick before, but the smooth writing (and narration) in this novel drew me in. I also enjoyed all the information about the the other couples and musicians surrounding Rick, leaving me researching the other books with said characters.

Bolton Hill also did a fabulous job narrating “Exhale and Move On.” His voice and tone was spot on for everything. He sounded like he was actually experiencing the feelings the characters were.

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